Jio KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati

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KBC Lottery Winner 2021=JIO KBC Lottery Lucky draw 

KBC JIO Airtel Idea Vodafone BSNL Winner 2021 List Today = Check KBC Jio Lottery Number Online With Great Support of KBC Sponsored KBC Program. Jio Lottery Winner 2021 Scheme Brings 25 Lac Lottery Chance To Win Easily in India. Play KBC Lottery Winner game And win Grand Prize Upto 25,000,00.35,000,00 Jio is India’s Top Rated & Favorite Prize Show. The Show is Rocking Due To Its Celebrity Host Amitabh Bachan. The Goal of The KBC Lottery Winner 2020 is to Deliver people the Opportunity To win Big Prizes so That They Can Achieve Their Life’s Goals. The Game Show Provides You With Two Options From Which You Can Choose. The One Opportunity To Win The Amount Of Van Crore Or Less is Through The Question,Answer Session:

Here You Will Be Asked Questions From Different Categories Of Studies: Science, Politics. History. Religion. Celebrity Life. Etc. The More Item You Answer, The More Massive Amount You Will Win Another Way To Win Up To 25,00,000 Lacs is Through KBC Lottery Winner Program. Further Information Is For All The Lottery Lovers And Luck Believers


We are describing many countless hurdles which KBC Jio lucky draw winners are receiving Real winners are unknown to KBC rules and information Owing to ignorance of exact direction the victims of many pursuers and pitiless persons First of all we are giving directions to KBC Jio winners where to get registration and confirmation Our sweet heart customers are getting email SMS about the KBC Jio lottery

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Updated List; Top 20 Jio 25 Lakh Lottery Winner List 10. 18. 2020.

An updated list of KBC jio lottery winners 2020 25 Lac is Available For Your help to Check your name in The latest List. In Case Of Any inquiry. Please Let Us Know oyn Our Official WhatsApp Number

[02:44, 10/18/2020] Don: Sr # Jio Lottery Winner Name Winning Amount City Winning Date
1 Miss. Pooja Sharma 25,000,00 Jio Lottery Winner 2020 Delhi Monday. 18 August. 2020
2 Mr. Sunder laal 25,000,00 Jio KBC Winner Maharashtra Monday. 19 August. 2020
3 Mr. Karang Talak 25 Lac Jio Lottery Winner Bhopal Monday. 20 August. 2020
4 Mr. Jay Podewal 25 Lac KBC Winner Haryana Monday. 21 August. 2020
5 Miss Rukhta Charna 25,000,00 KBC Jio Winner Chandi Garh Monday. 22 August. 2020
6 Mr. Najeeb 25,000,00 KBC Winner Fareedpur Monday. 23 August. 2020
7 Miss. Neha Dhari 25,000,00 Jio Winner Chattess Garh Monday. 24 August. 2020
8 Mrs. Sevak Das 25,000,00 Jio Lottery Winner Maharashtra Monday. 25 August, 2020
9 Aunti Jodha 25 Lac Kaun banega crorepati Winner Bihaar Monday. 26 August. 2020
10 Mr. Sooraj Singh 25,000,00 Jio KBC Lucky Winner Firojpur Monday. 27 August 2020
11 Miss Roopa Agarwal 25,000,00 Jio Lucky Draw Winner Mumbai Monday. 28 August. 2020
12 Seith Kareem Bihari 25,000,00 Jio KBC Mega Winner Bihaar Monday. 29 August. 2020
13 Juliya Singh 25 Lac Grand Winner in KCB Jio Chandi garh Monday. 30 August. 2020
14 Maharaj Siri Sawant 25,000,00 Jio Lottery Winner Urri Monday. 31 August. 2020
15 Shanti Bhi 25,000,00 Jio KBC Lottery Winner Akashpur Monday. 31 August. 2020
16 Dharma Laal 25,000,00 KBC Latest Winner Delhi Monday 31 August. 2020
17 Mr. Hamdani patha 25,000,00 Jio Lucky Draw Winner Mumbai Monday. 31 August. 2020
18 Miss naazish 25,000,00 KBC Lucky Draw Winner Jaisilmir Monday. 31 August. 2020
19 Mr. Arun Panday 25,000,00 Jio Lottery Winner 2020 Agra Monday. 1 September  2020
20 Mr. Veru Chankya 25,000,00 Jio KBC Winner 2020 Navi Mumbai Monday. 1  September. 2020